My Songs.


My name is Serenat Ezgican. I was born and raised in Istanbul, Turkey. I have been engaged in music since by childhood. For a while, I gave guitar lessons in Istanbul. I also performed at various venues. 

In 2008, I came to Italy for a "peace project". I stayed there for 4 years, and had the chance to be with people from different countries and to learn and experience their cultures. I am living in Switzerland now. I perform at various venues here . I play and sing the songs from different countries (The World Music) and I applied to 2015 Eurovision contest pre-elections for Switzerland with a song titled "Nafile(...vielleicht vergebens) that I wrote and composed. In this period that I strongly feel music is not just a part of my life, it`s my entire life. 

My first World Music album named "I touched the rainbow" with 12 songs in 10 different languages and one song of mine named Güz-Autumn offers you songs telling a similar story in different languages. Because for me, the meanings of songs are hidden under the feelings that they trigger in us regardless of their languages. 

Music feels like a deep sea, worth to dive in and discover endless signs for life. 

Don`t let the music go out of your life... 

Serenat Ezgican

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